New Hope Ranch Sale 4621 Via Roblada

4621 Via Roblada has closed escrow for $10,010,000 in a live, on-site, NO RESERVE absolute auction.

Listed by Village Properties and DeCaro Auctions, 4621 Via Roblada is an approx 13-acre site showcasing an enchanting French country estate. After being on and off the market since 2012 and most recently offered at $14,900,000, the sellers decided to take their chances in a live auction held on September 16th.

The auction lasted about 15 minutes with about 30 people in attendance. The living room filled with a mix of realtors, neighbors and looky-lous with approximately 15 registered bidders, only a handful ever raised their paddles. The final bidding came down to two bidders and ended at a price of $9,200,000. How then does the purchase price become $10,010,000? The buyer also pays the buyer’s agent commission of 2%, the 5% auction company fees, and all closing costs.

Exterior 1 - VR

Exterior 2 - VR

Interior 1 - VR

Interior 2 - VR

Interior 3 - VR

Exterior 3 - VR

Exterior 4 - VR