Carpinteria is a small town rich in resources, economic opportunity, beauty and local commitment to its way of life. There is a strong downtown area that contains a blend of businesses – from grocery stores to restaurants, from antique shops to candy shops, from banks to civic organizations. Residential areas are scattered and each has its own unique flavor and charm. For such as small town, Carpinteria certainly has enough to keep a person busy. Since it’s located about half way between Ventura and Santa Barbara and has historically been isolated from easy access to other towns, Carpinteria has had to become self-sufficient in the entertainment arena. You can swim, surf, roller blade, skateboard, ride bikes or picnic at the beautiful beach front park. The Carpinteria Polo Club hosts world class polo matches from May through October. You can shop along Linden Ave. or walk the pathways of the estuary. Carpinteria is a wonderful place to live, work, and play! For more information on Carpinteria, please visit the following links.