Cate School

Located just 15 minutes from Summerland, Cate is a very selective, college prep boarding school locate in Carpinteria, just 15 minutes from Montecito

Crane Country Day School

Crane Country Day School

K-8th private day school in Montecito

Carpinteria Public School District

Summerland is located in the Carpinteria Public School District with a vast amount educational options. A few that stand out to us are

  • Summerland Elementary School
  • Carpinteria Middle School
  • Carpinteria High School

Summerland Beach at Lookout Park

Gorgeous park that takes you down to Summerland beach. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the views!

Home Shopping, Vintage Stores, Antiques, ETC

One of our favorite weekend activities is shopping in Summerland. There are so many incredible stores, but here are some that cannot be missed.

Butterfly Beach

The most popular beach in Montecito where you can find locals or visitor walking their dogs, having a wine happy hour at sunset or even laying out to get those rays!

Summerland is right next to Montecito and Carpinteria, with tons of outdoor activities!

Tinker Burger

One of Team Scarborough’s favorite meals in Santa Barbara! The curly fries are top notch!

Summerland Beach Cafe

Brunch here is our go-to, but they also have a crowd during lunch time!

The Nugget

The most classic bar and grill with steaks, cheeseburgers, seafood… the whole kit and kaboodle!

Red Kettle Coffee

Adorable small, local coffee shop with quality coffee

Field and Fort

Cafe + home decor! What more do you want?